Who are volunteers?

Volunteers are parents, alumni, and adults who want to participate in building a Scout’s next great adventure. Guide them towards leadership and help launch tomorrow’s philosophers, scientists, and engineers.

Spend time with your child away from a computer or television screen. Get them outdoors and show them real-life ways to use their video gaming skills. Start campfires, tell stories, take trips. Help them unleash their inner leader and make the world what they want it to be, not what others tell them it is.

Teach today’s children that tomorrow’s challenges aren’t a door closing, they’re a door waiting to be knocked down. Then show them how to do it. It’s your efforts that will help Scouts change the world.

Volunteers are accepted in any capacity. You can work hands-on or help out financially. Training is provided depending on your position, and you can work around your busy schedule. So instead of just talking about wanting to shape your children’s future, get out there and actually do it.