Launching new leaders every day!

You’re picturing campfires and marshmallows, sing-alongs and merit badges, and you’re right. But the Scouts are so much more than that.

Scouts don’t follow, they surpass!

The next great thinkers, leaders, and scientists come from Scouts. Joining our adventures means learning how to turn little ideas into big ones; innovating old ideas for new ones; taking something good and making it great.

And the entire family can be a part of it. Don’t leave your little brother or sister behind, bring them with! There are countless opportunities to bring your family together. Unplug from the world around you and learn how to use the tools you were born with—your brain, your muscles, your family. Learn, grow, and succeed as one.

The future is now. The Scouts aren’t just building leaders for today, they’re building leaders for generations to come. Be a part of it.

Why Families

Boy Scouts of America includes the entire family so that everyone can grow and learn together. Find out more about why Family Scouting is so important in this video.