Eagle Scouts

Reach for Eagle Scout and come out a champion.

Eagle Scout is the highest rank a Scout can earn. The only way to achieve it is to earn 21 merit badges, follow the Scouts’ moral code, and be active in your troop.

Eagle Scouts don’t sit and wait for things to come to them, they go out and get them. The skills learned as an Eagle Scout stay with you for life. Earning this title means earning a leg up on your future. You’re one step closer to achieving your dreams than everyone else behind you.

Some of our country’s most revered trailblazers have been Eagle Scouts. Presidents, senators, and representatives are just the starting point.

Looking for specific examples?

  • President Gerald Ford
  • Steven Spielberg, Oscar-winning director
  • Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the moon
  • Mike Rowe, television host
  • Harrison Salisbury, Pulitzer Prize winning author
  • Sam Walton, billionaire and founder of Walmart

Become an Eagle Scout and join the ranks of leaders.